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I’m working on exporting all my tutorials from the old TLP which I used TextPattern as the CMS. I haven’t found a way to generally export them from there into this Movable Type setup, so I have to resort to the old copy & paste method.

This means, lots of work and time… which I currently can’t spare. Just a heads up to let you know what is coming back. There are several Sims 2 customization tutorials on how to recolor objects, hair and clothing, several basic level CSS tutorials, and about 2 regular Photoshop tutorials on how to make a button, and how to slice an image to make a rounded corner box on your site. They will return shortly! Thank you for being patient. Please leave any requests for tutorials on XHTML/HTML, CSS, Photoshop or The Sims 2 here.

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10 Responses to Tutorials Coming Soon! Requests?

  1. Chaotic Mom says:


    I need to move through your site a little more, get a better understanding of what you already have to offer.

    But how basic will you do your tutorials?

    Maybe you could offer a step-by-step tutorial of basic blog CSS and style-sheet layout? Or taking a look at how someone put mine together, how to design a good “skin”, then “chop it up” and put it back together as part of a template. Hmmm…

    This might not be what you’re looking for, but I’m just thinking here… ;)

  2. Lindsey says:

    My tutorials are down and dirty basic :)

    I’m going to post my completed tutorials soon, so keep an eye out, and I have several more written that need to be formatted.

    Other ideas I have that are being development are like you said – desiging a skin/template/layout in photoshop, and than slicing it and than using HTML/CSS to put it back together :)

  3. Shaela says:

    Do you have a basic tutorial for making outfits out of pictures?

  4. Lindsey says:

    Hey Shaela — I have one in the works, coming soon, as well as several makeup and better hair recoloring tutorials, to create much more detail. As soon as I have a few days off these will be up!

  5. Aly says:

    I think sims 2 roofing 101 would be good… Lol.

  6. Qutini says:

    eh, can you guys/girls ;P make a tutorial about how to do that adult clothing also works on young adult…if u have plz tell me where to find it

  7. Hollie says:


    I think your tutorials are great, is there any chance of a tutorial for the sims 2 for making skintone like with higlighting the skintone and making details such as collar bones and stuff stand out more?

    Thanks if you can :D
    well…thanks for the tutorials anyway ^_^

    – Hollie

  8. Ashley says:

    Could you make a tutorial on how to make your own hair styles?

  9. Emer says:

    Could you do a tutorial on how to cut sims hair into nice styles please because i have looked everywhere and cant find a thing! It would be muchly appreciated, I dont know how to do long or short, i can change colours thanks to your other tutorials though! :D

  10. Caitlin says:

    I agree with Ashley and Emer! Could you make a tutorial on how to make your own hairstyles??!?! Your tutorial on changing hair colors is GREAT!! But there seems to be NO TUTORIALS AT ALL on acually creating your own hair styles! Thanks!!! :)

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