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Typography Essentials – Free Fonts, Tools and Tutorials


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Another important aspect in web design (combined with the right color combinations and Photoshop essentials and brushes) is getting just the right typography for your design. There are many, many free fonts available as well as tools to build your own. Not only that but you can use free online resources to determine the name of that elusive font you’ve seen used elsewhere and want to grab it for yourself.

Once you find the font perfect for your project then you have to know how to use it. While some of the best resources about learning more about typography are books (Thinking with Type and The Elements of Typographic Style are two of my favorites) there are tons of online articles and tutorials written by people in the design industry that will help you better your typography.


Even More Obscure Photoshop Essentials! The Free Photoshop Brushes Edition


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I’m a big fan of small sites that provide free quality content just for the love of creating various items for people to use for their own design purposes. Before I provided a list of thousands of free Photoshop essentials from patterns, to brushes and gradients. Here’s some lesser known sites and designers and their awesome brushes. Quantity may vary with these smaller sites, but the quality is remarkable!


Rounded Corner Boxes With Expandable Heights Using CSS and Images


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Rounded corners are a great design element to escape from the blocky/boxiness a lot of web designers fall victim to. I remember the first time I created my own rounded corner box using Photoshop and HTML/CSS. What a thrill :) A lot of people shy away from it because it SEEMS a lot more difficult than it really is.

I’m going to show two ways to create this effect using Photoshop (or the graphic editor of your choice) and HTML/CSS. There are other ways to create this effect using just CSS – but I really am not a big fan of it because it creates a lot more empty divs than this method. Yes if images are off you will lose this effect – but I’m willing to sacrifice that.

Like I said I’m going to demonstrate two ways to accomplish this. The first is using just a flat rounded corner image with no other effects. The second will have a box with a drop shadow, border and gradient. :) So let’s start easy!


Photoshop Essentials – Thousands of Free Brushes, Gradients, Layer Styles and More!


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Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool. It alone can allow you to create fantastic designs and photo manipulations. But, there are many, many other resources available to designers to enhance Photoshop and increase your productivity.

I’m talking about free gradients, patterns, brushes, layer styles and more that you can download and add on to Photoshop.


CSS Sprites – Easily Use CSS To Replace Images


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If you’re not using CSS Sprites (also known as the CSS Image Replacement Method) you should be. Many coders seem to fear this easy and basic way to use images with CSS and I’m not sure why.

The benefits of CSS Sprites are plentiful, but you (and your visitors) will benefit from this method ten-fold. For the coder it’s less slicing and cropping of images, and for the user it rids us of that annoying image loading flash when you use CSS to replace background images.

I’ll take you through some quick steps to get started with CSS Sprites.