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Please bear with me!



If you have noticed some really sad load speeds on my site the past couple of weeks please bear with me. I don’t know what is going on. I’ve contacted my host numerous times about the issue and they are claiming my site loads fine.

I’m experiencing load times anywhere from 13 seconds to 5+ minutes. Even the google site speed tool can’t reach my site half of the time :(

I’ve also gotten Internal 500 errors, as well as errors connecting to my DB, where the site will not load at all.

Now, I’ve personally taken every step I can to make sure it is not something I’m doing. I’ve disabled all plugins, and re-enabled each one by one. Reset my theme to twentyeleven. WordPress is updated to the current version. I’ve removed outside scripts (Woopra, Google Analytics, Buy Sell Ads, Typekit) and nothing has changed the performance.

The thing is sometimes it loads quick, 2-3 seconds and than most others it’s taking minutes. And, to further my point it’s not just cssgirl.com that is loading slow like this. My other sites using WordPress and a database are also running slow (even if it’s a completely separate database). I’ve pointed this out in several different tickets to my host and they claim it’s just me, or latency…

But, should I be expecting latency every single day? No. I think not. I’m at the point now where I’m very, very, very disappointed in my host and seriously considering moving to another provider that I have other sites hosted on.

Also, I’m running this exact site locally on my macbook pro using MAMP with no load issues whatsoever. Furthermore, I also can’t load phpmyadmin for this site either – making me really believe there is some issue with my database or the server it’s being stored on.

If do not get a resolution to this issue this time around, I will be porting my site over to another host where this should not happen ever again.

I really hate to call my host out on this as they have been pretty good for the past 3 years I have used them, but the fact that I filed tickets about this same thing months ago and it’s not being resolved is really upsetting to me.

This is a screenshot from December 20th, 2011 when I filed another ticket about this problem:

Same exact issue I’m still having today, February 26th, 2012.

So, please bear with me until this is resolved. The site may be loading fine for you – or like many of my twitter friends who confirmed right now it’s taking 13-15+ seconds to load.

I’m going to try some more things while I wait for my host to respond to try to help out this issue.


CSSgirl Portfolio – ICodeCSS.com



Well, I got one item mostly checked off my list – getting my portfolio live! I’ve added a small selection of work I’ve completed. Feel free to browse through my portfolio, and if you like- hire me :D

Working on the portfolio has been a super intensive project. I really hoped to get more done on CSSgirl today – like adding some new content, editing my Work Request & Hire Me forms, seeing if this permalink redirection plugin recommended by @davidius works for me and general bug testing.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


And the winner is…


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Dark Rainbow!

the cssgirl design

I want to thank each and every person who voted. It was very close at the end and Dark Rainbow beat out Whiteboard by just one vote!

Now, what happens next?

Well, I have taken all of the comments and suggestions you guys left in the comments and have been working on making Dark Rainbow easily work for everyone. Some noted that the light gray text on black background wasn’t enough contrast, so I’ve upped the contrast for better readability. I’ve made other minor design changes (organization of content), and will be launching CSSgirl on Dark Rainbow within the next two weeks!

What about the other themes?

Well, here’s the best news for those who voted for one of the three other themes: I’m converting each one of these to generic WordPress themes for free use! Those themes will be ready within the next month and I’ll make an announcement of where you can demo and download them.

Once again I appreciate all the votes and comments. :)


VOTE: I Want Your Opinions


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In the beginning of 2006 I launched CSSgirl. I moved all the content from my old site (triplelproductions.com) and started CSSgirl Designs with a brand new design. Over time I’ve changed the design a bit, adding and removing sections, images and content.

Since last summer I’ve been planning a redesign, but I just can’t settle on one that I am happy with. So, I would like to have some feedback from the people who visit my site- who see it regularly!

I have four designs that I’ve created that I am deciding between. View them and let me know your opinions – good or bad! Two have already been coded, two are just image mockups:

Vote for your favorite:

(PS: If you vote for “something else entirely”, let me know WHY. otherwise I’m going to remove that choice because I won’t know which direction people are looking for! Your comments won’t hurt my feelings, I promise!)

What Design Should I Run With?

  • Dark Rainbow (27%, 20 Votes)
  • Whiteboard (26%, 19 Votes)
  • Watermelon (20%, 15 Votes)
  • Super Serious Dark (8%, 6 Votes)
  • Leave it! (7%, 5 Votes)
  • Use the current design, just make it better. (7%, 5 Votes)
  • Something else ENTIRELY! (5%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

Loading ... Loading ...

Voting ends September 1st, 2008.

The three designs I do not choose will be converted into free WordPress themes (and Movable Type too, if I find the time!) :)

Please leave comments with suggestions, criticisms, etc!