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How to Use CSS Sprites With Son of Suckerfish Drop Downs


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So recently I was working on a project that required image based navigation AND drop down menus. From the get-go I decided to use CSS Sprites for the tabbed menu for the normal, active and hover styles. I also decided the best way to implement the drop down was to use the “Son of Suckerfish” drop down menus heavily modified from the original code to fit in with the original programming I had done for the menu.

I’ve explained before how to use CSS Sprites for changing images, so I won’t go into too many more details on how to accomplish this, but to recreate this for your own site you will need to create one sprite for your normal tab, hovered and current/active tab. That’s three sets of tabs in one file.


CSS Sprites – Easily Use CSS To Replace Images


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If you’re not using CSS Sprites (also known as the CSS Image Replacement Method) you should be. Many coders seem to fear this easy and basic way to use images with CSS and I’m not sure why.

The benefits of CSS Sprites are plentiful, but you (and your visitors) will benefit from this method ten-fold. For the coder it’s less slicing and cropping of images, and for the user it rids us of that annoying image loading flash when you use CSS to replace background images.

I’ll take you through some quick steps to get started with CSS Sprites.