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How do you code?


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When you work on a new web design project and have entered the stage for coding, how do you go about it?

Do you start with the HTML and write the whole HTML page first, then code your CSS then troubleshoot?
Do you write all of your CSS first, then the HTML markup, then troubleshoot?
Or, do you write chunks of HTML first, add in the styles, troubleshoot/test, repeat?

Personally, I have done it just about all three ways – but my most often used method is the 3rd. I start from the top and work down to the bottom from left to right. I will start and code the entire header of a site in HTML first – then write my styles. Check in firefox, and repeat. Then, after the whole page is completed I check in all browsers to trouble shoot compatability issues – which are usually minimal and related to IE6 only – go figure!

So, how about you?

How do you code?

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Bad Coders VS. Lazy Coders


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What’s the difference you ask? A lazy coder MUST be a bad coder! If you’re lazy then you’re not coding to best practices therefore you MUST be a bad coder.

While the above in part is true, there is an integral difference between someone who is a flat out BAD coder and one who is just a bit on the lazy side. If you’re looking to hire a coder there is a few key ways to tell the difference.

How to spot a bad coder vs. lazy coder


What could you do better as a web developer?


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Nobody’s perfect, not even the best designers out there can claim perfection even as we fawn over their immaculate and beautiful design and code. Even for the design elite there’s always those few things we wish we could do better.

So, what’s your flaw? What do you think you need to work on? What elements in your design/code process do you wish you could do just a little bit better? And once you’ve defined that problem, how do you think you can make it better?

For each side of the web development process I want to improve one thing. From the design side, I want to broaden my “color imagination” and on the coding side I want to improve the readability of my source code for myself and other users.