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I love looking at the analytics for my site. I love seeing what articles are most popular, what people land on the most, where they come from and where they leave.

A few months ago I learned about Woopra – a free tracking/analytics program that has a beautiful gui and some pretty freakin’ cool features.

Woopra - web analytic, web stats

What is Woopra exactly? From their site (bolds are from me):

Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. And it’s free!

When you sign up for a free Woopra account you give them the urls you would like to install/use Woopra on. In turn (after your site is approved) you are provided with a little javascript code to place on your site so that Woopra can track your visitors. You will also need to download the Woopra desktop client. From there you can start live tracking all your visitors. Oh, yeah, and they just released a new WordPress plugin that integrates their analytics right in your WP Admin. Sweet!

Woopra will track every visit and record important information for you – browser, OS, screen resolution, referral, etc. Ok, so not much different than all the other analytic tools out there right? But Woopra offers a really cool live tracking feature which allows you to see exactly who’s on your site at that very moment.

For each person who visits your site Woopra tracks their actions, and than stores them so that you can lookup that person’s history on your site. The live feature also allows you to “start a conversation” with any visitors currently on your site. I haven’t tried that feature yet – I think it’s kinda weird to interrupt someone browsing my site, but I find it interesting and in some situations I can actually see it working as a helpful interactive feature.

A breakdown of Woopra

Woopra - web analytic, web stats
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The live feature really is the kicker for me, but the analytics Woopra offers shouldn’t be forgotten either – the top of the application features a line graph representing your pageviews and visits for that day. You can also switch the graph to show visits for that day VS the average visits, today’s pageviews VS the average amount of pageviews or have the numerical value of live visitors show.

The next level shows a component on the left with a breakdown of visits and pageviews for the previous month. You can also toggle this component to show your hourly overview instead. To the right of this component is your content breakdown – listing your pages that are being visited and the total landing, total exits, total pageviews and average time spent on each page.

Below those two components are three more – the first of the three being my favorite – a list of referrers – and the time people landed on your site via those referrals. The list is linked so you can click on these referrers and via your browser be directed to the page your visitor was sent from.

On this component there are three toggles – the first allows you to display a pie-type graph that represents the sources from where your visitors are coming from. Letting your mouse hover over one of these colored area displays the exact percentage of users from that source, the exact amount of links from that source and also highlights the corresponding name of the source in a list to the right.

The second toggle s your “top” sources of traffic (for that day mind you) and how many hits were delivered via that source. The third toggle is what I had mentioned first – the list of all your referrers with a link to where your visitor came from.

The second component is for search information – you can toggle this by keywords – which is displayed in a slick tag cloud-ish format. The second toggle allows you to display the exact search phrases that led visitors to your site (plud which engine they were directed from and the time).

The last component is geared toward visitor information. The first toggle, loyalty, allows you to see how many visitors for that day were “loyal” (returning) and how many were new visitors. Hovering over the pie chart gives you the same breakdown as the sources chart – returning a percentage and exact number of visitors.

The second toggle, countries, provides you with a list of countries and the breakdown of how many visitors were received from each.

The last toggle, map, gives you a visual breakdown of where these users are from – the hottest spots are marked in yellow, others are marked in a light blueish town. Hovering over a country/region will display the countries name, flag and a number of visitors you received from that country.

Woopra’s Live Visitor Analytics

Woopra - web analytic, web stats, live web visitor tracking
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And that’s not it. To the left of the components is a menu that allows to get even deeper into your analytics. The first button takes your to the dashboard, which I explained above. The second and my favorite, “Live”, shows you all of your live users and where they are currently on your site. If Woopra recorded a referrer for that site, it’s listed, along with the time of arrival. There is a breakdown of specs (browser, ip location, resolution, OS, country, language and so forth), and then it tracks -live- ever page that the visitor goes through. (It also marks any extrernal links that the user has clicked on).

At the bottom it gives even more details – total visits for that user, total pageviews, the average pageview for each visit, total time spent and average time spent.

Each user is assigned an ID (I assume based on IP), and you can view their history for each time they have visited (how they got there and what they did when they were on your site).

In the live section is where you can start a conversation with any live user on your site. One last option “tag this visitor” allows you to assign a tag to that visitor – so for example you can name yourself – maybe any visitors you know that visit regularly and you have an idea of what their IP is, or other people who work on your site with you.

Aside from the visitor specific goodies, to the left of that is a map – which pinpoints locations on the map of live users. You can also sort these live users by all of the above mentioned characteristics.

One last thing you can do is search for users – and you can search by any query – brower, country, platform, etc.

All the rest…

There are so many great features to Woopra, without making this into a book I’m going to have to lightly go over them. The final menu items are Search (display your search results and allows you to search anything), Analytics (standard analytic goodies – pretty much a more comprehensive breakdown of what you see on your dashboard with more sorting/filtering options) and Manage – which allows you to create notifications for a variety of things (if a certain visitor goes to your site, or if a page is landed on or you receive a referral from a url you define) and has a “custom live map” – which I haven’t messed with so I can’t give an accurate breakdown just yet.

The Scrolling Data

One last cool feature Woopra provides is at the very bottom of the application is a scrolling marquee of all data and where you stand for that day in regards to averages (ex: total pageviews are down, but pageviews per visit is up by 1%).

My love affair will continue

I’ve pretty much forsaken Google Analytics for Woopra – mind you I’m not a hard core stats fanatic. I just like seeing the numbers. Most of the more advanced features of Google Analytics I bypass because I either don’t understand them, or I don’t need them. Woopra is open 24/7 on whatever computer I’m on, but I find myself only checking in about 1-2 times a day now that I’ve gotten over the initial puppy love.

Woopra isn’t perfect by any means – before they released Woopra 1.2 (August 10th) I had found it to be a little buggy – for example I would get disconnected and I would have to end the Woopra process in order to get it to reconnect. That’s been fixed now with the latest release.

So is Woopra right for the hard core stats whore? Maybe – but if you’re looking for an easy way to track your visitors and get a nice visual representation that Woopra will work well for you. Woopra lets you track multiple sites – not sure what the limit is, but I currently am tracking six.

To note: “Woopra is free of charge during the Beta testing phase. Both free and paid plans will be available as soon as Woopra is officially released. Enterprise editions for commercial, high traffic sites, will also be available.”

Update 8/21/08: Opened up my Woopra this morning to find my main site missing ( and the rest of my sites aren’t tracking at all. :( So sad. I’m not using the WordPress plugin, which many people have been having problems with apparently. Also, in my member’s area, the API key for my site cssgirl has gone away and only says “null”.

Sent an email via their contact form at 9am. Left two messages (seems to be a widespread problem) on the forum. Will wait and see how this plays out.

I’m going into stats withdrawal.

Update 8/21 #2: CSSgirl is back (along with my other sites- well all but one) and tracking! Happy days.

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7 Responses to My Love Affair With Woopra

  1. MikeWhoBikes says:

    This might be worth a try; it looks very interesting to say the least. I’m using Google Analytics now and finding it very useful, but the ability to see so much detail on individual visitors and have live stats is enticing. Then again, I’m not sure that I need yet another distraction. ;)

  2. Vlady says:

    can you send me an invitation please?

  3. Lindsey says:

    Mike – it definitely is a distraction :) But one well worth it!

    Vlady – you can go here to create a new woopra account without a invitation.

  4. pab says:

    This looks amazing, I am gonna try it out right away.

  5. Hello Lindsey. Another blogger I know is using this as well, however, I have noticed since she’s been using it her site seems to load a little slower.

    Any news on that end?

    I came across your site through stumble upon, f.y.i.

    Also, do you have a subscribe to comments somewhere so I can keep up on this comment section?

  6. pab says:

    Ok, this is way to cool

    i just got my beta invite, and been messing around with it

    once again thanks for sharing this

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