Andy Budd: 3 Things You Wish Clients Knew About the Web



Andy Budd asks “What three things do you wish your clients knew about the web?“.

I have so many more than three.

For example –

1. Just because I do web design doesn’t mean I will make your business card as well.

2. Being a web designer does not make me a marketer!

3. Splash pages are for ninnies.

4. Sites built with CMS backens will cost you way more than those with just static code.

5. You cannot contact me out of the blue 3 months after the project ended and request me to fix some thing that you decided you don’t like, and expect it to be done for free.

6. Don’t tell me to design the website for WordPress and than decide to go with Movable Type. So many things need to be considered in the design for the CMS

7. I don’t write copy.

8. I can’t answer emails instantenously. Don’t send me an email, and than send another every 5 minutes after asking if I got your message… I’m not attached to the computer, nor do I have psychic abilities that tell me when someone’s mailed me…

9. Occassionally I have to sleep. Oh, and kids. I have two of those.

10. A decent design can not be developed in one day.

11. Three day deadlines are impossible. No matter how good you are, and how much time you have. I could spend 12 hours a day for 3 days straight on a site, and it would not be the best it could be, sorry.

12. I can’t develop you a logo/design without knowing exactly what your content is, or what your target audience is.

13. Your project isn’t my only priority. Face it, at any moment I probably have at least 1-2 other projects going on at the same time. That means a longer deadline. Sorry, but I have bills to pay too.

14. Yes, more than likely it’s going to cost about 3x times what your propose.

15. No, no no. I absolutely will NOT use tables to develop your site.

16. If you ask for something outside of our orginal agreement, no I will not do it for free.

Well, there is much more, but I’ll stop here!

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