Some have called me “obsessed” with cross browser compatibility… and you may also get that impression from past posts on the same subject. It’s an important part of web design though, and everyone should be utilizing tools like this if you don’t have these browsers on hand.

browsershots.gif is my latest find, and offers several major browser screenshots, on Linux, Mac and Windows, as well as some mobile formats. It could be a competitor for Browsercam, but it is unfortunately deathly slow. I was able to garner only 3 screenshots (I chose all formats), in 30 minutes. You do have the option to wait up to 4 hours for your screenshots, but by then you could have used a trial account on browsercam and been done with it. Browsershots does offer you full length screencaps of your page, which is very nice. Still in beta, so I am sure we can expect many, many improvements.

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