Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid



10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look “stupid”.

Tech Republic (btw, domains with’s in them irk me to no end!) writer Jody Gilbert gives us a top 10 list of grammar crimes committed online everyday.

My crimes:

#1: Loose for lose
#4: i.e. for e.g.
#5: Effect for affect
#9: Then for than

I’m especially guilty of #9. I was 20 before I could actually remember the difference, and even now I still flub it up all the time. (And yes, I was an English major making those mistakes!).

For the record I do not think that making any of these mistakes make anyone look stupid, but they ARE a good things to read over and try to remember. Coming from a part of the world where we take pride in distorting grammar and use slang too often — I can’t judge anyone’s grammar.

And also, it seems that in Firefox, there is some script running on the page that is making it take forever to switch to a different tab when you are on that page!

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