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Not every web designer is a logo designer, and vice versa. If your looking for a logo Logoworks offers you a unique service.

In a few short steps Logoworks will assemble a design team for your logo, and “2-5 designers will individually use their innovation and artistic talent to generate ideas on how to best visually represent your business. Your initial concepts will include several different design styles to help you decide which direction you want to explore.” Packages start at $299.

My question though? Where the women at?. :)

via TechCrunch

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2 Responses to Logoworks

  1. iheartpaper says:

    LOL! Good question! I freelance for them once in a while…we’re out there, but none pictured :-(

  2. Lindsey says:

    Yeah :/ I feel we’re (women) generally left out in these industries. People know we are out there, but the industry is so saturated with them (heh) that we’re kinda forgotten about.

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