Sims 2 Hair Tutorial Part 3


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Adding streaks to your sims hair. Bear with me, these tutorials were written in 2004, when Sims 2 first arrived! There are ways to make much more realistic looking stuff now, and hopefully I will soon have a chance to work on a new tutorial for this! But for now, these are great for the super easy beginner level!

How To Make Blue Hair, Streaks and barrettes!

Starting Out

Ok, in Body Shop go to Create Parts and than click on Load a Saved Project. Since We just made blue child’s hair and gave the teen a barrette this step should be familiar by now. So in the load saved project panel click on the name of the file (BlueHair). When it loads, on the bottom on the screen there will be an “x” and a little folder with an arrow popping out of it. This will open the file up for previewing and editing!

Now make sure you have open your graphics editing program. Do you remember where your hair files were stored? (If not, return to the first page and find out!). Since we will be doing the adult’s hair this time, we will need to open all of the files that start with “a” (But remember we will NOT open the files that end with _alpha!). You should end up with 5 files open.

Again, to demonstrate I am going to color each file a different color, so we can see what file is what part of the hair. I’ve used white, neon green, bright orange, red and a blue to separate the layers.

layers for teen hair

As you can see the white “top” of the hair is the dominate part. The neon green is the layer visible underneath it , for the bangs. The blue is the back, “shaved” part, while the orange and red make up the under-under layers. Now, we are going to give our Sims some streaks. At first I was going to find an image that had pretty highlights or dyed streaks, but I couldn’t find anything I really liked. So we are just going to have to make it from scratch! So, I’m going to give my lady some dark brown hair, and add reddish-gold streaks. Sound exciting? I hope so!

So, The first thing we will do is open up that top layer, the white one. The file name is afhair_Casual1~hairalpha9. Now, I’m going to adjust my hue and saturation until I get a tone I am happy with.


This is a the color I have come up with. For now I have left the original color for the other layers, and you will see why in a moment. You can put the following values in the Hue/Saturation Screen (CTRL + U).

Hue: -32
Saturation: -32
Lightness: -45

Good, but we are not quite done yet. I want the colors to have a bit more depth, so I am now going to adjust the Brightness and Contrast (Image –> Adjustments –> Brightness and Contrast).

Brightness: -21
Contrast: 22

Ok, good. Now, on to the next step. Copy the image you just adjusted. (Make sure to save and preview it in Body Shop as well.) Paste it into the image that we saw as neon green before, which would be the one that centered on the bang. The filename is afhair_Casual1~bangalpha7. Once pasted, we are now going to make it darker, since it is underneath the other layer. Open the Brightness and Contrast panel again. Adjust the Brightness down to -8 and the Contrast down to -17. Good. Now, copy this file and paste it into all the remaining blonde files. You may now close those remaining four. (Leave the main hair file open.).

Ok, I took the file we are going to be using for streaking and broke it up into several different colored pieces, as you can see here:

where hair falls

Now I refreshed my model in Body Shop to see where I will be adding the streaks. As you can see from the image below the red, yellow and pink areas are where they will be placed.

the three spots

Ok, good. Now we know where the streaks can be placed, so let’s get to work!

The next part is truely your own. You will be using the lasso selection tool. Use it to grab a selection in one of those three parts. Than, once you have that, hold down shift and select bits and pieces of the other three parts. I want my to kinda look like highlights, so here is what my selections looked like:


Remember to follow the flow of the hair with your selections, or it won’t look right once you change the color.

Ok, now time for my red tints (Streaks!)! (You can choose here what color you want, and where you want them. etc) Here is what I did: I adjusted the Hue and Saturation to the following settings: Hue: -16, Saturation: 22 and Lightness: -5. I wanted a little more oomph, so I again opened the Hue and Saturation panel and adjusted the Saturation: 36 and the Lightness: -7. I left the Hue alone.

Remember to continuously check your work in Body Shop.

I thought the red stood out a little too much so I opened up the Brightness and Contrast panel and adjust the Contrast to -19.

And my results:


Now, one last thing to do, to completely be finished. The same graphic that before let you “Export” will now say “Import” when hovered over. Click it, and it will send your finished product into your game, and into Body Shop so you can create Sims and upload them to the Exchange (or package them for your own site!). You will be sent then into the same screen you started at, the main hair genetics screen. At the very end you will see a little asterisk looking graphic. Click on it. If you have no other custom hair it will be the only thing there. If not they go in alphabetical order by file name, so it should be quite near the beginning. Also, make sure you have the adult Sim clicked, or else you won’t see the appropriate style. Let’s check out this Sim:


You can Download the Sim on the official site.

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7 Responses to Sims 2 Hair Tutorial Part 3

  1. Tenae says:

    hi i tried to do the highlighting but when i did it, it didn`t work. i followed all of the directions but is still didn`t work lol.

  2. SaniX says:

    Yeah yeah…I just wanna know how you create a hair…But this is beautiful!
    Go to and u can found some tips for your Sims 2…!…

  3. Kendall says:

    this was soo helpful, thanks :)
    you made it really easy and i managed to do everything using Macromedia Fireworks MX.


  4. Mizz says:

    Wow. I use you’re tutorial and made an awesome recolor. My sims will now have tons of pretty pink hair. Poor them and lucky me. It’s really easy with GIMP too.

  5. chandler says:

    Ya the streaks don’t work with me ether.. i have photoshop CS2 when i use the lasso, and the ctrl + u thing it works fine. But when i go back to bodyshop… no dice:P

  6. White-Saphire says:

    OMG! Thank you so much for making these tutorials! I just finished making the highlights and it come out just like I imagined it. I would never have even thought of doing different colored hair without this tutorial so thank you very much!

  7. White-Saphire says:

    chandler, did you make sure you saved it as a BMP file? Not a PSD?

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