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How to recolor eyes for the Sims 2. In this lesson we will create a purple eye!

sims 2 Body Shop Tutorial — Basic

What you will need:

You will need the following things to proceed with this tutorial:

  1. The Sims 2 Body Shop
  2. A paint/photo Program, such as Paint Shop Pro (30 day free trial), Gimp (free, but I don’t know it), OR Adobe Photoshop CS, has free trial, but not sure how long..
  3. Imagination and patience

Starting Out

First you will need to open Body Shop. I’ll assume you know how to do that ;). Once in Body Shop, in the top right hand corner, click where it says Create Parts. Good, now you will see two options: Start a New Project or Load a Saved Project. Since we want to start all the way from scratch, we are going to click on the first option, Start a New Project

For this lesson we are going to do one of the easiest things . . . create a new eye color. So, you will now see three more options: Create Genetics, Create Facial Hair Makeup and Glasses and Create Clothing. Since we are going to be changing eye colors, we will choose Create Genetics, which also includes skin tones and hair color.

With me so far? Good. Now, we are in the genetics screen. Choose the eye. Eye Now, depending on which version of Body Shop you have (the one that came with the game, or the one that came out before the game) you will see some different eyes colors. Mine looks like this:

Eye Panel

Now, you may see only the five premade shades or lots of different shades, depending on whether or not you have downloaded any. Everything there is shades that I have made. Each time you make something it will add to your panel, so you could possibly have pages and pages.

Ok, so I’m going to just start with the prepacked ones, assuming that is all you have. To make this easiest, select the lightest blue eye that comes standard with the game light blue eye. Once you have it selected (make sure the bright green is surrounding it), click on the folder that has an arrow on it on the bottom. When you hover over it with your cursor it will say “Export Selected Textures Into Game”, and it looks like this: Export.

Once that is done a screen will pop up and ask you to name your file. Let’s name it PurpleEyes for this project. Now, Body Shop will automatically take the light blue eyes files and copy them to a folder in my documents used for user created objects specifically! Body Shop will then turn to the preview screen, but for now, we will not need it. Minimize Body Shop.

Open up whatever paint program you are going to use. I’m using Adobe Photoshop, but Paint Shop Pro is very similar. Once the program is started, go to File — > Open –> My Documents –> EA Games –> The Sims 2 –> Projects. This folder, Projects is where all your exported Body Shop files will be stored. If this is your first time you should see only one folder, “PurpleEye”. Click on it to open the folder. You will then see four files, one of which you will NEVER touch (the .package file). Go ahead and open up the other three. (You can open all three at once by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the names; once all are selected, press enter on your keyboard or click on Open.

Now for the sake of this lesson will will only be editing two, stdMatBaseTextureName and swatch. I just want you to open the stdMatBaseTextureName_alpha so you can see what it does. So let’s look at that file first. All you will see, is a black and white graphic. Alpha In the top left corner you will see the white section. In the game, whatever is white in the alpha channel is what you will see. If it is gray you will see it, but at a lower opacity. But that is another lesson. Let’s just continue on to the easy stuff!

Close your alpha file, and pull up the stdMatBaseTextureName file. Choose your “magic wand” selection tool, which you will see the photoshop version to the right. wand I believe Paint Shop Pro’s looks the same. Zoom in on the eye, to about 200%. (In PhotoShop, you can either click the panel on the right, with the up arrow or, press CTRL +). Once zoomed in, on the top of the screen you will see where it says “tolerance”. Next to it is a box with a default number in it. Click on the box and set the tolerance to 20. I’m not sure how to do this is PSP, so, sorry! Ok, now, click on the blue of the eye, anywhere. You’ll get a little selection something like this:

Eye selections

Hold down your shift key and keep using the wand clicking on the eye until you have all of the blue selected. Try not to get any black or white in your selection. If you do, that is ok, we can fix that later. You should end up with something like this:

All selected

If you happened to select some of the white or black, here how to remedy it. Make sure you’ve selected all the blue you can (and zoom in more if you need to!). then on your tool bar, select the “Free hand Lasso” tool. lasso. Ok, now say your eye looks something like this:

messed up

Hold down the ALT key (I think it is CTRL in Paint Shop Pro), and slowly draw around the area that you accidentally selected. When you let go, you should get your “Bad” selection to go away, and you should be left with the image above the messed up one.


Great, now on to the FUN part! We’re going to keep this simple and stick to one color, this time, but hopefully you’ll get more adventurous after learning the basics! Also, try to read tutorials on your graphics editing program, that will help you a lot!

Ok! (from here on out, these instructions are specific to PhotoShop, but I’m sure Paint Shop Pro is very similar. I at least know the Hue/Saturation editing boxes are under the Image tab!).

Press CTRL and U at the same time, or go to Image –> Adjustments –>Hue and Saturation. You will get the a box with three different items you can edit.

hue and saturation

The first option: “Hue”, will change the actual color. The second, “Saturation”, will change how much of the color will come through (how dark/gray or bright it will be) and the third, “Lightness” will determine how light or dark the items will be on whole. On the bottom right corner you will also see 2 check boxes “colorize” and “preview”. For this example, we are NOT going to check “colorize”. (Although sometimes you will check it. It all depends on your desired effect.)

Ok, now after adjusting all those options, I ended up with this:

eye purple

Try messing around with your options and see if you can get your eye near that color.

Ok, to wrap this up, below is the numbers I used to achieve my eye color. Just put this in for now to finish up the tutorial so you can compare your end result to mine.


Once that is done click CTRL and S to save (or file –> save).

Ok, let’s maximize Body Shop, to see what we have! refresh Find the image to the left on your Body Shop screen. When you hover over the arrow you will see that message. Click on the arrow and watch your model Sims Eyes change! model's eyes. Great! Now, next to where you pressed the refresh button is a text area, where you can type in a “tool tip” for your eyes. This is what the user will see when they hover over your eye in the “create sims” area. Type in whatever you want. I put in “Lovely Purple Eyes”. Great! Almost finished!

Minimize Body Shop again and maximize your graphics program.

Next make sure the eyeball is still selected. If not, just use your circle selector tool, and select the ENTIRE EYEBALL (just the eyeball). (If your’s is still selected from before, use either the magic wand or the lasso to selected the white spots and the black.) then press CTRL and C (edit –> copy). This will copy the eyeball. Next, close the eyeball file, we’re done with that!

Now you should be left with the swatch file open. This is the picture people will see when previewing what eyes to chose in the create sims areas. Obviously that splotch of rainbow paint does nothing to show that it is a purple eye!. So, press CTRL and SHIFT and N all at the same time to create a new layer (just press enter when the box pops up). Then, select the paint bucket tool (if you can’t find it on the tool bar look for the image on the left. gradient Click on the image and hold the mouse buttom down and drag it towards that arrow. The button should pop out and your will see your paint bucket.) Click on it. then Click on your color selector (right side of panel).

If it isn’t already white, click on the top little square and a new box will pop out. All the way on the very bottom, you will see the number sign — #, and a text box next to it. Type in FFFFFF. Click ok. Now, making sure you still have your paint bucket tool out, click on the swatch. The entire thing should turn white. Next Press CTRL and V at the same time. Your purple eye will be there! Now, pay attention, because the next part is important!

Now we have to save this file, but we have to be careful. All the items we created MUST be saved as .bmp files, otherwise known as bitmaps. Since we created a new layer, Photoshop is going to try to save it as a .psd file. But we don’t want that. So when you save (CTRL and S or file –> save) and the box comes up, make sure where it says “Format” you switch it (by scrolling through the list until you see bmp or pressing b) back to .bmp. then you should just press enter (or click save). Do not change the name, and if none appears, make sure you type in “swatch”. Two boxes will then pop up (“Are you sure . . . ” and “BMP Options”.) Click yes for the first and ok for he second. Just don’t change a thing. Ok, so we’re all done with that!

Back to Body Shop. Refresh again and this is what you should get:


Now, one last thing to do, to completely be finished. The same graphic that before let you “Export” will now say “Import” when hovered over. Click it, and it will send your finished product into your game, and into Body Shop so you can create Sims and upload them to the Exchange (or package them for your own site!). You will be sent then into the same screen you started at, to create genetics. And there will be your eye!


Now, click on the “Build Sims” Button. Build your Sim and see how a finished Sim looks with your eyes!

my sim

Here is mine! You can Download here at my sims 2 exchange site. ***Everything custom I made on her, EXCEPT for the eyebrows.

And that’s it!

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  1. Jenny says:

    VERY HELPFUL!!! :)

  2. Grinde says:

    Thanks 2 U! ;)

  3. sara says:

    This is very helpful, but whenever I put it into my game, and I have my sim wear it, the entire face turns blurry. I dunno if you can help me with this, but if you know any reason why this happens please let me know.

    I’ve tryed it with clothes too, and it just turns blurry. :\

  4. vicky says:

    thanks so much. this was very helpfull. but, when i click the button to load the eye color into the game, it wont show up in it. its the same problom when i download things from once i install it, it says it was installed, and wont show up in the game. ): maybe you can help me with these 2 probloms? (: thanks so much.

  5. Baby J says:

    Can anyone tell me if you can make custom eyes, hair etc. on Microsoft picture it???

  6. Kairi says:

    is there any way to change my sims eyes after my sim is created? I made some really cool eyes and id really like to add them to a certain sim. Any cheats?

  7. cicilia says:

    Shit, thats awesome! it really helped me much!! i am so happy that i can make eyes now!Hoho, thnx so much.

    And now i wonder, is ther any chans that you can help me with colouring hair? Or does it not work to do that?

  8. Modelgal101 says:

    hey does anyone know what is the difference between the sims 2 body shop and the sims 2 body shop editor

    please help me
    p.s i want to download it but i don’t know which one
    please help me

  9. Simshelp says:

    Hey so you can use microsoft paint but it’s not reccomended at all. It doesn’t have the feutures you need. I recommend gimp it’s has all the good feutures and free!

  10. Lilly08 says:

    it didn’t work right for me because i could find the tolerance 20 thing…I have GIMP so it was hard for me and my eye project came out horrible!!!

  11. Lilly08 says:

    and i really need help with lengthening hair and putting it into kewl hair styles… Can someone help me?

  12. Alicia says:

    Hey THankS a LOt! ThESe TuTOriaLs HeLPeD
    SooO MUch!

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