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More than likely you don’t own, or have access to computers with all the most popular browsers. These sites allow you to submit the url of your choice for testing and will generate a screen capture for you to see if your design is truly cross browser compatible.

iCapture is one of my favorite screencap sites to use for testing compatiblity with Apple’s Safari browser. It’s been around for quite a while, and has been recently updated. Also offered is an IE7Capture for those of us who have yet to install IE7.

Another good Safari testing site is Snugtech’s Safari Test. Much like iCapture it will generate a screencap for you of what your design looks like on the Safari browser. Snugtech also offers several different size choices for your screengrab, as well as the choice of png, and different quality jpgs.

A great resource for screencaps of practically every browser out there is Unfortunately BrowserCam is a paid service. You can get a 24 hours free trial, and get up to 200 screencaps, but after that expiration date you cannot get any more grabs unless you pay for one of their services.

Also, it’s a good idea to have Opera, Lynx, FireFox and any other popular browser installed on your machine.

Often I forget to periodically test in IE6 while designing. NOT A GOOD IDEA! If you design your site, and than check IE6 at the end, it’s very well likely there will be something that isn’t working correctly, and you may have to go back through days worth of work to see what exactly put off IE. I try to check every time I change something major, especially when I am getting the shell of the design completed.

Know of any other good screengrab/screencap services? Leave a comment and let me know!

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