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Ever want to check your design in different browser resolutions? Hate having to minimize EVERYTHING to resize and than have everything messed up when you return to your normal browser size? Well, offers a solution!

browsersize.gif I can’t tell you how many time when working on projects I had I wished there was a quicker way to check the size of my designs on other resolutions. The firefox web developer plugin offers a 800×600 resize solution, but unfortunately no others. This site offers the six most common sizes and auto-resizes your browser window to the size of your choice. Also, there are textual link options, that you can click to go to a url that will resize the window (for bookmarking).

You can even create your own links that set your browser’s size to arbitrary sizes. Start with “”, append the width, an “x” as the separator and finally, the height.

Unfortunately at this very moment the text links are generating an internal 500 error, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

But wait! There’s more! Another part of, “what’s my browser size” offers you the current information about your browser size, screen size, color depth and what plugins you have installed.

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