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It’s late and I didn’t have time to read through the whole thing, but what I read I was extremely impressed with – Anand Sharma has written a great article about the web design process.

“Web Workflow” is a wonderful article, with a great wealth of information on his particular design process, and great screencaps. Mind you, Anand is only 16 years old and he displays more professionalism in this entry and his work than 90% of designers I have encountered.

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  1. Chaotic Mom says:

    I am floored that I have found your site. EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

    I am a photography fanatic. When I was 12 my dad built a darkroom in our house and I spent YEARS in there. When I was 14 he got one of the first Macs and I “drew” a pixel by pixel pic of Billy Idol (yikes, eh?).

    I made money doing work with Illustrator, Pagemaker (remember that), Publisher, you name it. But once I started having kids, my Mommy Brain cells went on vacation and I’ve taken an eight year “break”.

    Then my hubby brings home the CS2 pack he bought for a song at the university bookshop (I’m doing his department’s newsletter), and I feel so ALIVE once again! So many new things to learn.

    So far, your site is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve come across. Very refreshing, informative, a comfortable place for me to learn. You are a true blessing to my day. THANK YOU for your wonderful work! ;)

  2. Lindsey says:

    Thank you :) I actually started doing pixel art too!

    I recently had to use Pagemaker for a project because that’s all the print shop would use! I hate that program with a passion.

    CS2 is the best bundle yet, and I’ve been using it for months now and I still find new things!

  3. WaltDe says:

    Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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