51 Fresh and Brilliant Websites in Orange


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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in New York we’ve been waiting (un)patiently for Spring to finally arrive admist chilly temperatures and non-stop cloudy and rainy days. Well it looks like this week Spring is finally showing itself with nice and toasty temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Whenever I think of Spring I think of bright, happy colors – yellow, green, pink, purple, blue and most of all orange. The past few days I’ve been increasingly drawn to orange designs. I even bought a nice shade of orange paint to redo my bedroom in.

I love orange, and according to color theorists “orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.” Orange is a bright, happy vibrant color that stimulates your appetite – hence why you see it on a lot of food packaging. For more information on color theory or where to find color inspiration check out the article 17 Great Resources – Color Inspiration For Web Design.

After adding a bunch of orange based designs to my “ColorLove” bucket on dribbble I realized my lust for orange wasn’t shared by just me! A lot of designers seem to shy away from orange, but I love to see it used – either as the prominent color in the design or as a beautiful highlight or accent color. So, I went on a massive search and compiled a collection of 51 brilliant website designs that use some shade of orange in the design.

Get Harvest - Website Design in Orange

Get Harvest - Website Design in Orange

Hambo Development - Orange Website Design

Hambo Development

Productive Dreams - Orange Website Design

Productive Dreams

Citrus SEO - Orange Website Design

Citrus SEO

COLOURPIXEL - Orange Website Design


Felipe Medina - Orange Website Design

Felipe Medina

Skyrocket - Orange Web Design


Sticker Mule - Orange Website Design

Sticker Mule

Custom Bags HQ - Orange Web Design

Custom Bags HQ

Justdot Media Services - Orange Website Design

Justdot Media Services

Go Live! - Orange Website Design

Go Live!

Moove - Orange Website Design


Pound & Grain - Orange Website Design

Pound & Grain

Ideas For Impact - Orange Website Design

Ideas For Impact

Quotezuki - Orange Website Design Inspiration


Solo - Orange web design


Discovery Creative - Orange Website Design

Discovery Creative

The Idealists - Orange Web Design

The Idealists

These Are Things - Orange Website

These Are Things

Holy Heck - Orange Web Design

Holy Heck

Cufflink Suite - Web Design Orange

Cufflink Suite - Web Design Orange

Foodzy - Orange Web Design


The Hemsley - Orange Website Design

News from the Hemsley's

63 Under - Website design in Orange

63 Under

Safarista Design - Orange Website Design

Safarista Design

Mealeo - Orange Web Design


Sanctuary T Shop - Orange Web Design

Sanctuary T Shop

Because You Can - Orange Website Design

Because You Can

New Adventures in Web Design - Orange Website Design

New Adventures in Web Design

Clever Craft - Orange Website Design

Clever Craft

Lanikai Properties - Orange Web Design

Lanikai Properties

singularityconcepts.com - orange web design

singularityconcepts.com - orange web design

Moto CMS - Orange Website Design

Moto CMS

Eight Hour Day - Orange Web Design

Eight Hour Day - Orange Web Design

Hey Indy - Orange Website Design

Hey Indy

Greater Dennellon Depot Historical Society - Orange Website Design

Greater Dennellon Depot Historical Society

nGen Works - Orange Website Design

nGen Works

Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley - Orange Website Design

Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley

Chico Natural Foods - Orange Website

Chico Natural Foods - Orange Website

Tech Jobs Under the Big Top - Orange Web Design

Tech Jobs Under the Big Top

Fox Classics - Website Using Orange

Fox Classics

Music Thoughts - Orange Website Design

Music Thoughts

CMYK08 - Orange Website Design


absolute media - orange web design

absolute media

Jovi - Orange Website Design


Masswerks - Orange Website


MARV - Orange Website


G2 - Orange Website Design


Theo Thermometer - Orange Website

Theo Thermometer

Jed White Illustration - Orange Website

Jed White Illustration

Andrew Ckor - Orange Web Design

Andrew Ckor

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4 Responses to 51 Fresh and Brilliant Websites in Orange

  1. Jedediah says:

    Hey cool – I’d made the list! Thanks for the link. Incidentally, I’ll be going to shades of green with the upcoming re-design. He he…

  2. Really Admiring!!!! Hats off!!!!

  3. Kumar says:

    Extraordinary designs and custom made images. Nice.

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