CSSgirl 2011 – The Redesign & Relaunch


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The new CSSgirl – It’s finally here!

The new CSSgirl has just launched (utilizing HTML5 and CSS3 :D ). I do expect there to be some bugs, some complaints and some kinks, but hey – it’s better than what was there before :D

At the moment I still have a bit of a todo list, but I feel much more confident with this design up, instead of the old CSSgirl, which was SO dated (launched in 2006!).

The Todo

  • Retro-fit old posts
  • Get portfolio up and running
  • Rewrite content on my hire me, contact, about, etc pages
  • Figure out why threaded comments are not working….
  • Hook back up the articles and resource sections
  • Rework the hire me, contact and work request forms
  • Adding in all testimonials
  • Bug hunting!

So, stay tuned, thanks for your patience and keep your eyes out for new changes and content!

PS: If you find any bugs, or just have comments, etc please email me!

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11 Responses to CSSgirl 2011 – The Redesign & Relaunch

  1. Congrats Lindsey. The new design looks great. I hope this means we’ll start seeing more posts soon too. :)

    I’m working on a redesign of my own site at the moment and know how difficult it can be designing your own site. I’m working on a redesign for myself as we speak.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Thanks! This has been over 6 different design comps/codings and over 3 years in the making :D

  3. Looking good Lindsey. Looks great on my iPad too.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Thanks Oscar! Glad to hear it looks good on the iPad – only platform I don’t have to check on yet :D

  5. Ryan Williams says:

    Good stuff. :)

    One thing I’ve noticed is the latest version of Chrome (11) on my copy of Windows 7 seems to render the text very strangely. Same issue seems to affect Chrome’s webkit cousin, Safari.

    I’m not using any unusual settings with regards to fonts or anything like that so not sure what’s causing it.


  6. Lindsey says:

    Yep, I’m having the same issue. I posted about it on twitter Saturday night. I’m not sure why it’s rendering like that – perhaps it’s because of the typekit font? It looks awesome on my mac & iphone – but on any of my windows machines the font gets looking like it’s super over sharpened. Not sure how to remedy?!

  7. Ryan Williams says:

    The problem seems to be that Windows doesn’t support anti-aliasing/smoothing of fonts enabled via ‘font-face’ when ClearType is enabled, which is basically Windows’ system-wide anti-aliasing.

    The only way to fix it seems to be to either use a browser that does its fonts via hardware acceleration — Firefox 4 is the only one I can think of — or to disable ClearType entirely, which few if any users are going to do as then all other fonts would look jagged.

    This is a deal-breaking issue for me that has put me off using font-face in the past, and until it’s resolved by (presumably) Microsoft I see no solution. :/

  8. Lindsey says:

    Yes, it’s really making me sad :( I’m about to default back to Georgia for the body copy for now, even though I really, really love the fonts I had chosen. :/

  9. Lindsey says:

    I ended up choosing a sans-serif font for the moment since I haven’t been able to find a serif font comprable to the original choice that works with Windows. Oh, well! :( Hopefully in years to come the web font scene will straighten itself out. Anything worth having is worth waiting for I suppose!

  10. adam lee says:

    Nobody pointed out the typo in your “about cssgirl” top right: insdustry..?

  11. Lindsey says:

    No one until now. No one reads those things anyway :D

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