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After working for my company for over 2 years, they have decided they do not want me to work from home anymore and are offering me an ultimatum – come into the office 5 days a week, or they will “terminate my employment contract”.

Let me start by saying I don’t think this is a unfair request – they have a right to ask this of me, except, it’s one that I cannot fulfill without damaging my family.

When I started working for my company I pulled the normal hours required 9-6:30 in the office. I woke up at 5am, caught a train at 6:24am and was at my job by 8:30/9am. After over 9 hours in the office, I would catch a train back home, where I didn’t return until after 9pm most nights. After almost a year of commuting near 5 hours a day, and losing all time with my 3 children, I asked if I could work from home. They gave me a trial run, and since I was successful and just as productive as I was in the office, they allowed me to continue working from home as I have for over a year now.

And now, they have decided this isn’t in the cards for me anymore, and I have to come back to the office – or basically be fired.

There really is no choice here for me – choose between my work, and the job I have given countless hours of my life to- or spending time with my three children. I don’t want to be a weekend parent.

SO, that being said, I need a new job ASAP- working from home. I can commute to NYC 1-2 days a week if necessary. So if you are hiring, or know of someone who is, please contact me and I can share my portfolio, resume and any other pertinent information. I’d really like a full time gig, but I’d be just as happy freelancing as long as the work is steady (I’m a single mother – I still have to support my three children).

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  1. I think you have the right idea, its easy to be consumed by a project or get snowed under in a web job at the expense of your family. But no webpage we write will still be standing in the same state as when you wrote it in 2 years from now. So I think it’s more important to put family ahead of work wherever possible.

    There’s loads of jobs out there with companies who understand this, good luck in your job hunting. :-)

  2. Adrian Turner says:

    I”ll be praying for you! I commend you on staying strong and putting family first!

  3. good luck ..

    just found you Lindsey ..

    go girl go ..

    love mo & the girls

  4. Nice to know about this one you just found you Lindsey.
    Thank you for post.

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