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Well, I have had very little time since I started my new job to get new articles out (expect a new article soon!) but I did have a few spare moments to enter Veerle’s awesome “What Is Graphic Design” contest and while I didn’t win anything, I thought it was super cool that one of my entries had caught Veerle’s attention (4th on page, can’t miss it, the one with all the yummy looking cupcakes!). You should definitely take a moment to check out all the super-awesome winning entries, and all the entries in the flickr pool!

These three were my entries:

Graphic Design is... Yummy Graphic Design is... Love Graphic Design is... Freedom

I wish I could find more contests and challenges like this so I can really exercise my creativity and push myself!

PS: I would have posted this in a timely matter a week ago, but unfortunately my WordPress wasn’t working correctly due to an update by my host. Thankfully we’re back to normal, and finally using the most recent WP release!

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