Thirteen Completely Underrated WordPress Plugins


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In no particular order – these are tenthirteen (of a very long list) of my very favorite underrated (underused?) WordPress Plugins.

  1. StumbleCrumble displays a list of your latest Stumbled sites. I’m helplessly addicted to StumbleUpon and have found some of my all-time favorite sites through it, sharing my stumbles is another cool perk!
  2. Ask Me allows visitors to fill out a form asking you any question they can think of and when you answer it’s published on page on your blog. Great if you provide some type of product or service that people may ask about. Could be used as a FAQ page.
  3. Past Post Plugins:
    • One Year Ago… Displays a post from your blog from one year ago if one is available. Neat to look back and see what you were up to or what was hot in the blogosphere!
    • Classic Posts Allows you to pick a number of posts (and choose exactly which ones) to display from the past. Great if you want to feature posts that may not get enough organic traffic.
  4. Adsense Attachment Plugin When you upload a file and use the “link to page” option this plugin allows you to automatically customize that page’s CSS/layout and adsense.
  5. WordPress to Myspace Cross Posting Pretty self explanatory!
  6. Cloud-O-Google Displays a cloud of the recent google queries that led people to your site. May not be beneficial to a visitor, but I’m always interested in how people are getting to my site, be it through google or other referral traffic.
  7. Download Counter – Generates a download link, and counts the amount of times a file has been downloaded. (Check out the image counter too!)
  8. Progress Bar Allows you to display a progress bar on your blog sharing how much you have (or haven’t!) completed towards a goal. Great if you are promising some type of new service or product to visitors or if you have some type of event coming up.
  9. Related Posts/Entries:
    • Other Posts From Cat Displays a lists of posts from the same category(ies) that the current post is in. Works best if you generally use only one category per post.
    • Related Posts Displays a list of posts related to the current post based on post context. (not exactly underrated or underused, but is the alternative to the above mentioned plugin)
  10. Make ‘er Prettier Plugins

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  2. RR says:

    Thanks for the plug of the plugin! I appreciate it!

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up. The newest version of the MySpace Crossposter is now available, and the changes are many.

    Everything is contained in one file. Activation from the Plugin Options screen is enabled. No need to edit any source files. All configuration is done through the WordPress Options screen. And best of all, once you “activate” and configure the plugin, it runs itself. You press “publish”, it crossposts. Simple as that.

    The older versions are still available, but the new version can be found at:


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