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Spotplex is a digg-like system where your blog’s articles are ranked on the amount of views they receive (which are counted by a Spotplex provided code). Every time someone “reads” (views) your post it is counted by Spotplex propelling that article up the popularity ladder.

Spotplex: What People Read Most Today

From Spotplex:

Spotplex is the only online content aggregation service that dynamically provides an instant, impartial ranking of popular Web content. With Spotplex, Internet users are not required to change their behavior to generate content rankings. By eliminating tagging and voting, Spotplex more accurately reflects what people read most today.

Based on an algorithm-based measuring system that analyzes readers’ behavior in real time, Spotplex’s popular content rankings come from actual impressions, or “reads”. This impartial process gives every blogger a better opportunity to be heard. Spotplex also uses a relative popularity measure by which article reads are measured relative to a site’s overall traffic, rather than by volume alone. This evens the playing field so all blogs can compete equally in the Spotplex rankings, regardless of readership size or subject matter.

What do you think of this model? In one turn I believe this is a refreshing way to “rate” content, but does the amount of views an article gets necessarily say anything about it’s innate value, or whether or not it’s liked by the readers. Or does that not matter?

And let’s face it, is it fair? Of course blogs who already have a large audience are always going to be at the top of the list just because of their pre-existing following. What about smaller blogs just starting out? Or those who just don’t get the deserved traffic?

I believe because of this fact that the digg model is indeed better. I get to vote on what I just read and decide whether I think it’s something important or good. The digg stories don’t make it to the top just because they come from an already popular blog (of course this always helps!) – but they make it to the top because for some reason or another the people who have “dugg” the story have found it worthy of sharing.

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