Tetris Wifi!



This Nintendo fangirl has finally gotten a copy of Tetris for her Nintendo DS!

I’m an oldschool Tetris fanatic and if I still had my NES I would still be playing regular ol’ Tetris everyday! Well, until now that is! The Nintendo DS version is insane. I love it and I can’t stop playing (when and if I have time to play that is). I’ve been mostly focusing on playing on Wifi, because I love to compete against other people. There are three Wifi features – 2 player Standard (two players, and as they clear lines lines are added to the bottom of your screen), 4 player Standard (4 players, lines addes as opponents clear – although I am still unsure how it determines who gets what lines- and items! If you clear a line that has a box in it, you get an item, like a banana that switches up all your opponents blocks) and 2 player Push (you both start out in the middle with one square to build on and have to “push” eachother to a determined line at their screen).

Aside from all the normal Tetris-y goodness is the old school NES goodness. NES Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda music! And while you are playing you get to see screens from all these classic games.

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