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Until today I have stayed away from energy drinks because I didn’t feel they were worth anything – besides what could they give me that a can of Pepsi couldn’t? Well, I haven’t drank soda in weeks, and I’m trying to stay away from extremely sugared drinks.

So today I strolled over to the local dollar store when I realized I was out of all flavored beverages, and while at the cooler I picked up and bought a bottle of “Vault Zero” energy drink. (0 calories, 0 carbs – made by Coca Cola) I guess it did give me a bit of energy, but it is hard to say – I actually got the most sleep I have had in a while last night.

Normally I have a glass of water or OJ at night, or a beer or two or three (girl beer mind you, like Bacardi), but beer’s no better than soda and I’m still losing my pregnancy weight, so that’s a bit of a deterrent.

Anyway, aside from the oversplenda-ed taste, it did the trick, but at what cost? Are drinks such as Red Bull worth the money spent? And when do you build tolerance to these drinks? I’d rather not get hooked on energy drinks, but on some of my longer days I need a boost of some sort.

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  1. jjbrutale says:

    rather try some guarana extract pills, they will do the job and they are far more healthy than energy drinks i guess

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