Illustration Friday – Sorry


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I decided to whip out this week’s Illustration Friday piece before I ran out of time! The topic? “Sorry”.

It’s quick, and a bit – well I hate the dude’s hair. My Illustrator needs to be reinstalled, so for now this was completed using Photoshop CS2, Pen Tool, Brush tool, and my Wacom Intuous3 tablet.


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4 Responses to Illustration Friday – Sorry

  1. Sea Angel says:

    Me likey.
    (I can soooo relate!)

  2. Chaotic Mom says:

    WAAAAHHHHH! I’m having a BLAST with my CS2, but NEED A WACOM! Will be ordering one very soon, once I find that check I need to deposit… ;)

  3. Lindsey says:

    Oh the Wacom is the best thing that I have encountered thus far for working with Illustrator. I still use the mouse for drawing in Photoshop mostly, as it’s what I am most used to (for the past 5 years), so it’s taking a bit of getting used to, but the wacom tablets at A++++++++. I would defintely tell any graphic artist to get one.

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