Watermarking Mockups/Comps?



Generally when you’ve bid on a job for a client (and “win” that job) how many mockups do you provide and do you provide them watermarked?

I’m suspicious at the moment of a client I have, whom I provided with six mockup graphical images for his site design. Now I know people can be picky, but in all the jobs I’ve done -ever – paid and pro-bono I’ve never had to create more than three mockups – and even then most of the time the variations are colors and fonts – not actual physical complete redos (it doesn’t help said client is providing NO feedback, nor has he given me any indication on what type of design he wants -even though I’ve requested this information several times via email and IM)… So I am now watermarking all designs I provide to clients, even those who have money in escrow for me until we agree on one final design.

I know my readership is limited at this point and time – but if someone happens upon this article an opinion on the matter would be appreciated.

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