The Reboots That Caught My Eye Part 1



There was a completely overwhelming amount of entries for this go ’round of the CSS Reboot for me. I am still going through the list now, but I wanted to compile a partial list of my current favorites from pages 1-5, and why I’ve chosen them –

(In no particular order):


Kineda is a website for “Asian American Entertainment, Pop Culture and Lifestyle”. I know some people think the blank/neon pink color scheme is “sooo last year”, but it remains one of my favorite ways to make things “pop”. In this example, the almost black background and neon pink hightlighting tie together very nicely.


Designsnack actually got bookmarked, and ma.gnolia-ed by me :) Not only is the design smart, fun and pulled together by a not very often used color scheme, the content is great too! Registered users get to bookmark and rate sites that have been submitted digg-style.


Well, I may not be able to benefit from the content on ASFusion (I think if I ever should try Coldfusion and Actionscript together my brain would melt!), but the site’s design is wonderful! It’s a great mix of the “Web 2.0-y” design movement we’re seeing all over the place these days, and old school artistic blog design. I love that the color scheme isn’t limited to just 2-3 color variations, and the bottom site meta-y thing that is all the rage today.


I love this site, and no, I’m not a part of the Norris Clan– mostly because I’m a sucker for cutesy graphic design and pastely colors :P Well, and the site refered me to the kickass t-shirt site, Threadless.


It’s black, white and simple with some very subtle colors for emphasis in links and author comments. It’s extremely hard to do a b&w design without boring your audience, so kudos to Miha!

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  1. Terry says:

    Glad you liked the rebooted version of Kineda. Thanks for the mention! :)

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