3 Firefox Plugins You Need to Have



When working on designs and updating sites there are three plugins I just can’t live without.

I hate opening up Internet Exploder Explorer to check the project I am currently working on. Not only does it take longer than I want to open, it’s a another window cluttering up my already full taskbar. So, a few weeks ago I found IE Tab which adds the option “View Page in IE Tab” to your right-click menu. Click on that option and right in your firefox tab you have your site displayed as it would in IE. Con: It seems to crash the whole browser with active content – A site I was working on that had a flash header, would crash FF/IE Tab whenever I checked it in IE Tab.

The second plugin is obviously Web Developer. This plugin has so many options… such as editng a pages CSS right in the browser, and seeing the changes instantenously as you do so. Also, instead of having to view source, and copying and pasting the link to a CSS file, you can choose “View CSS” and you will automatically be taken to the CSS file. With this plugin you can also choose to have certain page elements outlined, which is great for debugging. Con: Resize only has option for 800×600.

But, for outlining on pages I usually choose Aardvark. You activate this plugin with a quick right click (“Start Aardvark”), and when you hover over elements on the page it will display a red outline and the html element that is being use and the class and id that are paired with it. I use this plugin constantly for debugging. Con: Sometimes it doesn’t pick up all the page elements – it skips over divs or doesn’t show the class/id.

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