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Your Source to an Endless Supply of Free Social Media Icons – Part 1


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It seems like everyday there is a new crop of super awesome social media icon sets released. Custom icons are a great way to spruce up a blog or website. They can bring character and enhance the rest of your design. Not everyone is an icon designer- and finding the perfect set to match your design could be a chore.

In my web travels I have collected and compiled a huge resource of these icons that are all available for free! No matter what kind of website/blog you have you can find the perfect set of icons – being it a clean and professional look or hand-drawn and grunge – there is an icon for that!

While there is too much to list at one time, I figured I would try to group them as best I can, and deliver them to you in a series of posts, of which this will be the first :D

So below please enjoy the first part of the “Social Networking Icon Sets” with 50 different sets!


Tantalizing Textures: Sources for Textures, Tutorials and Inspiration!



Using textures in your designs is one sure way to give an item a more realistic feel and depth. Using textures, patterns and other grunge-type effects are one of my absolute favorite design methods. I end up being drawn to this type of design over any other.

Below I have gathered some awesome resources for how to use textures, and where to get them as well as a small, but awesome collection of texture inspiration. Don’t forget to check out the “Tantalizing Textures” bucket I have created on dribbble, that I will be constantly updating to collect texture inspiration.


Freebie: MyBookClub Book Club Layout – 2 PSDs


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Like most designers not every design I create is accepted by the client the first go-round. Occasionally I am left with a design that is perfectly fine, but just wasn’t suited to the client’s taste.

A few months back I had this design left over for a library website. The design wasn’t used and there it sat forgotten on my hard drive.

I’ve decided to share the two PSDs for the design (the main page and the inside page) with everyone.


Typography Essentials – Free Fonts, Tools and Tutorials


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Another important aspect in web design (combined with the right color combinations and Photoshop essentials and brushes) is getting just the right typography for your design. There are many, many free fonts available as well as tools to build your own. Not only that but you can use free online resources to determine the name of that elusive font you’ve seen used elsewhere and want to grab it for yourself.

Once you find the font perfect for your project then you have to know how to use it. While some of the best resources about learning more about typography are books (Thinking with Type and The Elements of Typographic Style are two of my favorites) there are tons of online articles and tutorials written by people in the design industry that will help you better your typography.


Even More Obscure Photoshop Essentials! The Free Photoshop Brushes Edition


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I’m a big fan of small sites that provide free quality content just for the love of creating various items for people to use for their own design purposes. Before I provided a list of thousands of free Photoshop essentials from patterns, to brushes and gradients. Here’s some lesser known sites and designers and their awesome brushes. Quantity may vary with these smaller sites, but the quality is remarkable!