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Tantalizing Textures: Sources for Textures, Tutorials and Inspiration!



Using textures in your designs is one sure way to give an item a more realistic feel and depth. Using textures, patterns and other grunge-type effects are one of my absolute favorite design methods. I end up being drawn to this type of design over any other.

Below I have gathered some awesome resources for how to use textures, and where to get them as well as a small, but awesome collection of texture inspiration. Don’t forget to check out the “Tantalizing Textures” bucket I have created on dribbble, that I will be constantly updating to collect texture inspiration.


51 Fresh and Brilliant Websites in Orange


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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in New York we’ve been waiting (un)patiently for Spring to finally arrive admist chilly temperatures and non-stop cloudy and rainy days. Well it looks like this week Spring is finally showing itself with nice and toasty temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Whenever I think of Spring I think of bright, happy colors – yellow, green, pink, purple, blue and most of all orange. The past few days I’ve been increasingly drawn to orange designs. I even bought a nice shade of orange paint to redo my bedroom in.

I love orange, and according to color theorists “orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.” Orange is a bright, happy vibrant color that stimulates your appetite – hence why you see it on a lot of food packaging. For more information on color theory or where to find color inspiration check out the article 17 Great Resources – Color Inspiration For Web Design.

After adding a bunch of orange based designs to my “ColorLove” bucket on dribbble I realized my lust for orange wasn’t shared by just me! A lot of designers seem to shy away from orange, but I love to see it used – either as the prominent color in the design or as a beautiful highlight or accent color. So, I went on a massive search and compiled a collection of 51 brilliant website designs that use some shade of orange in the design.


Buckets of Inspiration – New Dribbble Feature for Design Inspiration Collectors



Yesterday, Dribbble announced a new feature addition to it’s already awesome service called “buckets“. If you haven’t heard, Dribbble allows designers to connect with their peers by following each other’s “shots” – 400×300 pixel crops of current work.

Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on.

The latest feature, buckets, allows Dribbble members to arrange any shots into a collection, however they choose.