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Spoofed :/


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Apparently my email address is being spoofed right now. Someone is spoofing my address and sending out mass amounts of spam according to how many returned emails I am├é┬áreceiving. I apologize for this, but it isn’t me – nor is it coming from my actual email service. (They are making it look like its coming from my address, but when you look at the headers you can see it wasn’t sent from my email server)

:( Apparently there is nothing I can really do if someone is spoofing my addresses, so please if you recieve any email from an address that is NOT lalindsey(at) or lindsey(at) it’s probably not me!


CSSgirl Portfolio –



Well, I got one item mostly checked off my list – getting my portfolio live! I’ve added a small selection of work I’ve completed. Feel free to browse through my portfolio, and if you like- hire me :D

Working on the portfolio has been a super intensive project. I really hoped to get more done on CSSgirl today – like adding some new content, editing my Work Request & Hire Me forms, seeing if this permalink redirection plugin recommended by @davidius works for me and general bug testing.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


And the winner is…


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Dark Rainbow!

the cssgirl design

I want to thank each and every person who voted. It was very close at the end and Dark Rainbow beat out Whiteboard by just one vote!

Now, what happens next?

Well, I have taken all of the comments and suggestions you guys left in the comments and have been working on making Dark Rainbow easily work for everyone. Some noted that the light gray text on black background wasn’t enough contrast, so I’ve upped the contrast for better readability. I’ve made other minor design changes (organization of content), and will be launching CSSgirl on Dark Rainbow within the next two weeks!

What about the other themes?

Well, here’s the best news for those who voted for one of the three other themes: I’m converting each one of these to generic WordPress themes for free use! Those themes will be ready within the next month and I’ll make an announcement of where you can demo and download them.

Once again I appreciate all the votes and comments. :)


I Broke My Site in IE. Oops ;)


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I don’t know how or what I did ;O but after messing with some stuff this morning I ended up breaking this site in IE6/IE7. I’m sorry for any IE users I don’t have the time to fix it either. Guess you will just have to wait 2 weeks for the new CSSgirl to emerge (possibly sooner)!

So just because I feel bad I’ll throw out another (scaled down) sneak peak of the new design: