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26 Useful Tools, Apps and Resources for Developers – A Little Bit of Everything



There are moments when you are working on a project, when you realize that you just aren’t the best at everything. Or you hit a roadblock. Or you just need a little assistance. It might be choosing a color palette, creating an certain icon or creating the perfect background pattern. Everyone could use a little help now and then.

This is by no means a comprehensive list on each topic, but places that I have found the resources I’ve needed on several occasions that are alternatives from my normal methods.


My Love Affair With Woopra


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I love looking at the analytics for my site. I love seeing what articles are most popular, what people land on the most, where they come from and where they leave.

A few months ago I learned about Woopra – a free tracking/analytics program that has a beautiful gui and some pretty freakin’ cool features.

Woopra - web analytic, web stats


How To Make Aardvark Add-on Work With Firefox 3!


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Aardvark Plugin for Firefox I’m a huge, huge fan of the latest Firefox release. But I was really, really disapointed that a LOT of my very favorite (and most used!) plugins were incompatible. The plugin I felt most lost without was Aardvark, which I use every single day, practically all day long to aid me in development, editing and design.

Aardvark is a simple little Firefox plugin that when activated (right click and choose “Start Aardvark”) lets you highlight each elements on the page with a red border – not only that, a tab appears on the border with the element and id/class that is associated with it.

This plugin is critical for me (along with Firebug) when diagnosing layout problems.


Your Ideal CMS: What’s In It?


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We are never satisfied with our blog software or CMS – it’s almost like an unwritten rule. We are constantly awaiting new updates and features, and when they come they are never good enough. It’s why the age old debate of WordPress vs. Movable Type exists, and why there is never one clear winner.

So what do we really want in our Content Management Systems?

For myself I would love to see the following capabilities:

  • Sweet templating system (a la WordPress)
  • Comments (preferably threaded, with an easy way to distinguish admins)
  • Statistics built in (post views, exit points, referrers, # of subscriptions
  • Kick ass spam management
  • Easy image uploading (multiple images) – (haven’t used WP 2.5 yet to test their version of this)
  • Category systems that allow you to better organize categories.
  • Better back-end user interface (no winners: Movable Type, WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, Textpattern, etc all fail in some points)
  • Better draft and published posts editing panels
  • Better documentation
  • Multiple blog/site support

So, what do you want and/or need of your CMS? What doesn’t it do right now that you wish it did? What does it do, but you wish it did better?