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28 Stylish Article Headings, Date & Meta Data Designs


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There is nothing that will grab the attention of visitor’s to your blog like a creative and thoughtful eye catching title/date/meta data design.

The most important aspect of a blog is the content within it. It doesn’t matter how great (or poor) your design is overall if the attention of your visitors isn’t being directed to your content. And the best way to get people reading your content is with a snappy title that grabs their attention by both how it looks and what it says.

That being said, good design for a blog post’s title (date and/or meta data) does not┬ánecessarily┬ámean that it needs to be blinged out to the nth degree with graphics, icons and backgrounds/textures. Good choice of fonts, color, and arrangement of the information is the basic architecture you need to start with. Once you have your frame developed, choosing to add in accents such as background images and extra design elements that will pull the eye to the titles may be beneficial.

I did a some research and handpicked 28 different blog title designs that I believe are awesome examples of effective and well designed titles, date and meta-data designs. Some have extra design elements that pop and help draw the eye to the title. Some have no graphical elements at all – relying merely on awesome typography and the arrangement of the data. All draw the focus to the article title, where users will be able to make a decision if this is the right content for them.