15 Creatively Designed Owls


Sesaly at 10 months in her owl room

Sesaly at 10 months in her owl room

Almost 1 year ago I had my fourth and last child, Sesaly Breeze, born on August 29th. I’ve never had an affinity for birds, but upon her birth I became obsessed with owls. Her nursery is completely decked out with all sorts of owls – owl wall stickers, owl dolls, owl blankets, quilts – you name it (see crib on right)! So I decided to round up some of my favorite owl illustrations and creative works that I’ve found on the web in the past year.


Spoofed :/


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Apparently my email address is being spoofed right now. Someone is spoofing my @cssgirl.com address and sending out mass amounts of spam according to how many returned emails I am├é┬áreceiving. I apologize for this, but it isn’t me – nor is it coming from my actual email service. (They are making it look like its coming from my address, but when you look at the headers you can see it wasn’t sent from my email server)

:( Apparently there is nothing I can really do if someone is spoofing my addresses, so please if you recieve any email from an @cssgirl.com address that is NOT lalindsey(at)cssgirl.com or lindsey(at)cssgirl.com it’s probably not me!


Fixie.js – Automatically add filler content to your templates and themes!


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Meandering about the internets this morning I happened upon something so awesome it actually made me come out of hiatus to share with everyone.

As a developer, loads of my time when building out a website is spent throwing in filler content until I or the client actually adds the sites final copy. Copying and pasting from Lipsum.com or another generator over and over and over and over again. Time consuming, right?


Please bear with me!



If you have noticed some really sad load speeds on my site the past couple of weeks please bear with me. I don’t know what is going on. I’ve contacted my host numerous times about the issue and they are claiming my site loads fine.

I’m experiencing load times anywhere from 13 seconds to 5+ minutes. Even the google site speed tool can’t reach my site half of the time :(

I’ve also gotten Internal 500 errors, as well as errors connecting to my DB, where the site will not load at all.

Now, I’ve personally taken every step I can to make sure it is not something I’m doing. I’ve disabled all plugins, and re-enabled each one by one. Reset my theme to twentyeleven. WordPress is updated to the current version. I’ve removed outside scripts (Woopra, Google Analytics, Buy Sell Ads, Typekit) and nothing has changed the performance.

The thing is sometimes it loads quick, 2-3 seconds and than most others it’s taking minutes. And, to further my point it’s not just cssgirl.com that is loading slow like this. My other sites using WordPress and a database are also running slow (even if it’s a completely separate database). I’ve pointed this out in several different tickets to my host and they claim it’s just me, or latency…

But, should I be expecting latency every single day? No. I think not. I’m at the point now where I’m very, very, very disappointed in my host and seriously considering moving to another provider that I have other sites hosted on.

Also, I’m running this exact site locally on my macbook pro using MAMP with no load issues whatsoever. Furthermore, I also can’t load phpmyadmin for this site either – making me really believe there is some issue with my database or the server it’s being stored on.

If do not get a resolution to this issue this time around, I will be porting my site over to another host where this should not happen ever again.

I really hate to call my host out on this as they have been pretty good for the past 3 years I have used them, but the fact that I filed tickets about this same thing months ago and it’s not being resolved is really upsetting to me.

This is a screenshot from December 20th, 2011 when I filed another ticket about this problem:

Same exact issue I’m still having today, February 26th, 2012.

So, please bear with me until this is resolved. The site may be loading fine for you – or like many of my twitter friends who confirmed right now it’s taking 13-15+ seconds to load.

I’m going to try some more things while I wait for my host to respond to try to help out this issue.