How do you code?


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When you work on a new web design project and have entered the stage for coding, how do you go about it?

Do you start with the HTML and write the whole HTML page first, then code your CSS then troubleshoot?
Do you write all of your CSS first, then the HTML markup, then troubleshoot?
Or, do you write chunks of HTML first, add in the styles, troubleshoot/test, repeat?

Personally, I have done it just about all three ways – but my most often used method is the 3rd. I start from the top and work down to the bottom from left to right. I will start and code the entire header of a site in HTML first – then write my styles. Check in firefox, and repeat. Then, after the whole page is completed I check in all browsers to trouble shoot compatability issues – which are usually minimal and related to IE6 only – go figure!

So, how about you?

How do you code?

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13 Responses to How do you code?

  1. Milo says:

    I’ve started coding the basic structure of the HTML first, making all the divs and such….and then I head into the CSS. After that it’s fine tuning, jumping between HTML and CSS until it’s done.

  2. I definately code as I go. Add a div, style it, add another item, style it. That way, it’s easier to change some of the html if things don’t work out.

    I could see myself putting all my html in place, start on my css and find myself almost at the end of the job, realising smth is fundamentally wrong with my html, having to restart all over…

  3. Aaron says:

    Combo usually. I’ll get the main structure set, do some basic styling, then kinda go section by section.

  4. The combo for me too. I’ll usually place all the html for the overall layout and then style just for the layout. I then begin working each section, first setting up the html and then styling that html with css.

    I’ve thought of coding all the html first, but I’m too visual and find myself adding some css so the page to be able to see it better.

  5. Lindsey says:

    Few sub questions –
    Do you guys code for Firefox first – then check compatability in other browsers? I have found doing it that way for me greatly increases the cross browser compatibility from the get go, with only very minor IE edits in the end.

    When you do the combo method – do you write the CSS for each portion first, or the HTML? Personally I write the HTML first, then add in the styles – but I have done it both ways.

  6. Remiz says:

    I do write entire HTML for the content first. Then css. May be I will have to put some divs or spans for keeping the design.

  7. I use to write chunks of HTML first, add in the styles, troubleshoot/test, repeat.
    Now I start with the HTML and write the whole HTML page first, then code your CSS then troubleshoot.

    I’ve been doing a much better job coding when I mark up the content then handle the presentation.

  8. Robert says:

    I start on paper with design then figure what code I’ll need where. I then add xhtml and lasty style it. For me this works out.

  9. says:

    First rough layout with divs – than a bit css and than starting to make the for and while stuff in php -> there is no straight thing – all the files are opended at the same time – quiet chaotic :)

  10. I always start with my “New Project” folder which has an HTML file and CSS files with the basics (resets, typography, typical styling of elements, etc) already setup for what a typical site would need (wrappers, header, body, footer, etc).

    It saves a lot of time and doesn’t do a lot, except for the reset, in the way of having to unstyle things but does set it up to save me some a lot of time. If I had to guess, 30min to an hour or more if I had to manually type it everytime.

    After that I start creating the markup for the specific design and then styling that portion of the design as I create the markup for it, occasionally checking in the browser to make sure it is all working.

    Once I get to the more detailed elements of the design I’ll usually jump into firebug and tweak everything visually to make sure the final touches all go smoothly.

  11. Deny Deyn says:

    I’ve started coding the HTML first,and then into the CSS. After that i check in the browsers to see whats wrong with the to visual

  12. Nahum Silva says:

    Well is a hard question all depends how is going to work the page and actually the architecture which you have decided. For example if I’m writing a full ajax aplication where the xhtml code is separate and the javascript is who decide what part of the page build, I write first the html and then de css or css inline (then move to a css file). And for the other hand if is a static page usually I write on the way, css inline and then move to a css file. But all change if you make a page with server code like php || C# .net and xhtml and css you have to make a mix, in this case most of the time de backend coders make the page to work and then you only have too make the desing and style which often is pretty easy… what do you think?

  13. Erskin says:

    1st I create graphically on Fireworks.
    2nd I break it down in html
    3rd I style it
    End of Story

    I don’t cross check for IE6 compatibility. I don’t care about IE6. In 2001 IE6 was released on the web like the anti-christ on earth. We’re in 2010… 9 years later and we’re still trying to stay compatible with IE6? Screw IE6… and IE7 if he feels lonely.

    Anyone who’s trying to stay compatible with IE6 is part of the problem. If that’s you, throw your computer in the tub to see if it floats.

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