What could you do better as a web developer?


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Nobody’s perfect, not even the best designers out there can claim perfection even as we fawn over their immaculate and beautiful design and code. Even for the design elite there’s always those few things we wish we could do better.

So, what’s your flaw? What do you think you need to work on? What elements in your design/code process do you wish you could do just a little bit better? And once you’ve defined that problem, how do you think you can make it better?

For each side of the web development process I want to improve one thing. From the design side, I want to broaden my “color imagination” and on the coding side I want to improve the readability of my source code for myself and other users.


Choose Different colors I’d have to admit that one of my biggest flaws when I am in the design process is that I’m comfortable using a predfined set of color schemes, so I am less likely to experiment with new color schemes. I know the palettes I use work. I know they are functional, look great, and bring life to whatever design decided on. I tend to shy away from dull or muted colors- but as we know dull colors can be just as beautiful and exciting as bright/pastel/primary colors – if used in the right way.

That’s not to say I don’t work with clients if they have a color scheme already chosen, and a lot of times this pressures me to experiment with new colors/combinations, and I become comfortable with that palette after working with it for an extended period of time.

To fix this problem I need to sit down, and start designing something with a random color palette that I have no experience with. Maybe even one that I think is “ugly”. I think if this was an exercise I performed once a week, I could greatly extend my knowledge of color, and give me a broader range of “color imagination” before I start a design and fall back on one of my pet palettes.

A good way to put this exercise to work is to visit one of the many color palette generator sites (e.g Colour Lovers), randomly browse through palettes made and choose the fifth one that appears in the random search. Using those colors only, I would challenge myself to come up with a new design.


comment code moreFrom the coding side of web development I could improve the commenting in my HTML/CSS from the start. I always code so fastly I don’t make the time to put in the simple comments that would let my clients/visitors peek at the source and know exactly what tag/class/id/etc is controlling which part of the page/design. So after the code is nearly done I have to go back through all the pages and add in comments.

I can improve this by putting this practice to work right from the start. Clearly label my HTML and CSS as I am coding, make it part of my steamline to save time and confusion for myself.

So, what can you do better? What is you’re biggest design/coding flaw? What do you think you need to do to improve it?

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5 Responses to What could you do better as a web developer?

  1. Chris Coyier says:

    My biggest flaw is distraction. There are too many different things that require my attention each day and I feel like everything suffers. Reducing my distractions and the number of things that need my attention is my new top priority so that I can give fewer things more focused attention.

    Looking forward to hours of straight uninterrupted Photoshopping =)

  2. Lindsey says:

    Oh yes, I fall victim to distractions all the time, especially when I used to freelance full time. My three kids, summertime and Stumble Upon ALWAYS get me. :)

    I ended up having to write myself a daily schedule (with enough wiggle room in case anything didn’t go as planned) to keep myself in line. Monday were half photoshop, half blogging days, Tuesdays were half coding half blogging etc.

  3. Hello Lindsey.

    Mine would be I know there’s probably a better way of coding it. I learned this back when I was in college and learned programming.

    I’d write a program, be pretty happy with it, and then someone else would write a program which does the same thing but works 10 times faster than mine.

    So I guess my flaw is I could learn more.

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