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For the last five years my web design company has been known as Triple L Productions, easier known as TLP. I chose the name TLP because my initials are LLL. Creative, no? Heh, well I have realized several complications with having TLP as my domain and company name. One, it’s too long. I’ve even left out a letter here and there when typing it. Two, it’s a mouthful. “Triple Whaaa?” And three, when I get married, my initials will no longer be LLL! So, I’m officially announcing that TLP will be changing names (as I speculated before).

The new name, and domain (which I’ve had for a few years now, and never got to actually develop the site I wanted to with it which I wanted to have a CSS resource site and gallery to promote female designers (will inegrate that idea into this design)) is CSSGirl Designs. The new design is in development, being worked on, and hopefully will debut for the fall CSS Reboot. I believe I will end up switching fully to WordPress. No worries, I will us a redirect to send all the current URLS to the new ones.

A preview of the new design:

new tlp

Obviously designed before I thought about this announcement more, so things will be changing. There are also several more features I want to implemement that are not yet included.

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