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How to Drive from New York to China… according to Google :D


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Ever wondered how long it would take you to drive from New York to China? Just ask google maps! Interesting bits are highlighted in the image with yellow.

How to Drive to China.... according to Google

I edited the image for size. :D

So, just in case you wanted to know, it will take 38 days and 17 hours in total to “drive” to China, from New York, NY. The total miles traveled: 12,207. Oh and you will have to kayak twice across the Pacific Ocean for a total of 6,636 miles (34 days and 5 hours) and jet ski for a total of 486 miles (13 hours and 2 minutes). You better be in tip-top shape.

I tried this with other countries (Ireland, Australia, Puerto Rico England, Russia, Mongolia, France, Greenland, Iceland, etc), but Google says it cannot find directions for those. The only other country I was able to make it work for was Japan, and the directions were similar. The walking directions are amusing as well.

Anyone else find anything like this?