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Cell Phone Virgin!



Today I got my very first personal cellphone. Yes, I am 23. Yes, I do live in NY. No, I really don’t know how I went so long without one!

So, I got a pink Razr phone, through Verizon. It’s nice. It’s shiny.

Unlike many people I haven’t found such a problem with navigating the menus, although I do agree with the gizmodo review, it definitely could be more intuitive than it is. And since I’m ghetto, I even recorded my own ringtones, cuz there is no way in hell I’ll be paying 1.99 for one!

I’ve snapped a few pics on it, mostly surprise photos to use as photo ids when people call, so I can laugh everytime I see them. The quality, even on the phone is a bit grainy, and the colors could be better, but it works for only a 1.3 megapixel camera.

I find it hard to talk on when I’m trying to do something else, mostly because I’m so used to wedging my normal house phone between my chin and shoulder and going about my business as normal. And it took a bit of getting used to at first because if you don’t have the phone just right on your ear the sound quality drops.

One thing I defintely don’t dig is how the phone screen can touch your face as you talk, so your natural body oils get on the screen if you’re not very careful. Not a very big deal, but on these 90+ days we are having it is a bit annoying. I wonder if they make cases for the Razr?

Well, it’s snappy. It’s pretty. I love it! Now just don’t call me until after 9pm :) !

edit: I’ve had my phone active for a little over 3/4 hours and already dropped it on my hardwood floors. I managed to chip a small piece of the pink off the battery cover… otherwise working well dispite the nasty fall….


Who Wants a Vox Invitation?


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I’ve got two ZERO THREE two more!! (they will keep replenishing, so leave a comment if you want one!) shiny new Vox invitations for who-ever wants! Leave your email in the comments. First two get it.

EDIT Keep leaving your messages, and I will get the invites to you as I get them. I’m back down to 0 again, but should have more soon!


TLP Name Change



For the last five years my web design company has been known as Triple L Productions, easier known as TLP. I chose the name TLP because my initials are LLL. Creative, no? Heh, well I have realized several complications with having TLP as my domain and company name. One, it’s too long. I’ve even left out a letter here and there when typing it. Two, it’s a mouthful. “Triple Whaaa?” And three, when I get married, my initials will no longer be LLL! So, I’m officially announcing that TLP will be changing names (as I speculated before).